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Most people have a romantic view of their attics, from the cobwebbed rafters to the boxes upon boxes of long-forgotten memories. But for the majority of homes, the loft is just a wasted space, with the average household visiting their loft between one and two times per year…

Does your house have a loft? If so, have you thought about your use of it? Is it just store room for temporarily or even permanently used ‘junk’?

The loft is often our home’s largest area but we rarely give that a thought, so a loft conversion could enhance both our living space and the value of our home!

Some lofts are not convertible, although most are. If you are considering a loft conversion Quality Joiners will provide free advice on all considerations, including building/ planning approval requirements, cost and time-scale, so you can see what is involved.

We at Quality Joiners have an experienced team to convert your loft for you, whether in a standard terrace or a large detached house, without you having to worry about moving out or incurring dust everywhere.

Even if you don’t want to go to all the bother of converting your attic we can still make it a more pleasurable experience by perhaps installing an access ladder, flooring, insulation, lighting and velux windows