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A guide to soundproofing your home
Where’s that noise?

Noise from above. Noise from through the walls. Noise from outside. The first step in soundproofing your home is to figure out where the problem noise is coming from.

Stop the noise before it happens

If the noise problem is coming from an upstairs neighbour, the best solution is a soundproofed flooring underlay – literally stopping the noise in its tracks.

As simple as this sounds, the results are very impressive. However, the underlay needs to be installed in your neighbour’s property. And let’s face it, that usually not an option.

Isolating and absorbing the noise

Noise travels in sound waves. And sound waves need something to travel through – for example, air, wood or brick.

Our job is to stop and absorb as much of the sound as possible. First of all, we use soundproofing frames attached to your existing walls or ceilings. Using specialist techniques, these frames can actually isolate a lot of the sound before it gets to the next line of defence – specialist soundproofing boards.

These look like regular plasterboard you’d find in any home, but they’re much, much better at absorbing noise.

The combination of an expertly installed frame and the right choice of soundproofing board will dramatically cut down the amount of noise you hear.

Will it work?

In a word – yes. We can definitely reduce the amount of noise coming into your home, often substantially. Most people who invest in professional soundproofing find the results are extremely impressive – giving them back the peace and quiet of their own home.

What next?

Professional soundproofing really can help reclaim your home from the misery of noise pollution. Visit Soundproofing Glasgow for more information.