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Timber decking is a fashionable addition to the garden these days. Given the benefits, that is hardly surprising. It is a relatively inexpensive way to create a patio area and takes a very short time to construct, requiring little maintenance once it is completed.

Wood decking does not require extensive digging for foundations and support. Therefore disturbance to your well-tended garden is minimal; a typical deck for smaller plots may be laid in one day.

Decking is easily laid over your existing grass or patio.
The ground is treated with weed killer
a membrane laid to prevent further weed growth.
We are more than happy to give you advice on a decking solution that is most suitable for your needs, taking into account:

  • your garden design and
  • your cost restrictions.

A timber deck is a superb way to enhance any home, garden or commercial property. It is a natural product, in harmony with nature, comfortable, attractive and adaptable to any kind of flat, sloping, wet or waterside site.

Because timber is so versatile and easy to work compared to other construction materials, practically any shape, size or style of structure is possible. So whether you are thinking about a large elevated split-level deck for entertaining or a small intimate space for relaxing you’ll find timber decking provides the ideal, cost-effective and practical solution.

Decking is a relatively new aspect of garden design and is something that many people find to be a great addition to any shape or size of garden. At Quality Joiners we like to use the phrase ‘you can build a deck literally anywhere’ and that’s because you can.

With decking being a natural wood product it brightens up any area, large or small. A deck can also be used to create a level, useable area on a hill for example.