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We can supply and fit wooden sash and casement windows double or single glazed to suit your requirement. We can also overhaul your existing sash windows

We can also supply and fit top quality uVPC windows in any style be it tilt and turn, top hopper, bottom hopper or fixed dead light. Velux windows are also one of our speciality’s.

You can have any design you wish, with any features you desire…….What ever the style you have in mind you can also choose from a large range of safety and comfort options including multiple locking points, trickle vents, child proof restrictors and the handles of your choice.

We have found that over the years the customer has wanted a quality product at a reasonable price, a truthful approach to what can be provided, and the knowledge that a company can provide an after care service if the need arises. We feel we can provide for all of your needs with confidence.

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